Laplace Instruments Products: Reference Sources

Reference sources are compact signal sources that facilitate the calibration of EMC test equipment. There are 2 types... conducted and radiated........

The Conducted source (CRS+) is simply plugged directly into a LISN or used with a voltage probe and will check the calibration of the complete measurement system.

The Radiated sources (ERS and EMC10.3G) check both the site and the measurement equipment. This is particularly important as the greatest source of measurement uncertainty is invariably the site.

All references sources are supplied complete with calibration data which for the CRS+ and the ERS are traceable to NPL (UK).

Emissions Reference Source (ERS)Emissions Reference Source (ERS)
The ERS is a transfer standard for the calibration of radiated emission measurements on OATS or in EMC chambers.
Emissions Reference Source EMC10.3GEmissions Reference Source EMC10.3G
The EMC10.3G is a 3.5GHz source with radiated emissions starting at 30MHz. This is an deal source for the checking of EMC chambers and, due to its small size,  can also be used for testing enclosures for RF leaks.
The CRS+ is used to check the calibration and operation of conducted EMC emissions test equipment.