Laplace Instruments Products: RF Field Probes

Our range of EMC test equipment is complimented by three types of RF probes/meters.
These are:
  • RF Smartmeter, a precision RF probe capable of highly accurate RF measurements over a wide range of field strength and frequency. This meter is ideal for accurate field surveys. This features an isotropic probe and a full calibration with certification..
  • TBM-100 multi-purpose meter which will measure magnetic field, electric field and RF fields. This low cost meter is ideal for general purpose monitoring of RF and electrical 'pollution' including the effects of power lines, microwave devices, mobile phones, broadcast and telemetry signals and radio networks.
  • Radisense field probe. A miniature triaxial probe with fibre-optic output and powered via laser from the interface unit, so no batteries to worry about! This high performance probe is ideal for RF immunity testing to IEC61000-4-3. Output from the interface unit is USB and/or RS232 using industry standard protocols.
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A calibrated RF field probe with isotropic sensor, wide frequency range and sensitivity.
Broadband meter TBM-100Broadband meter TBM-100

A handheld meter that can measure Magnetic, Electric and RF fields.