Laplace Instruments Products: Near Field Probes

Probes sets are available as either active or passive. In each set there are two types of probe, E field and H field.

The E field probe is sensitive to voltage induced (high impedance) radiation and the H field probe is sensitive to magnetic current induced (low impedance) radiation.

The active probes have built-in visual and audio outputs, and can therefore be used as stand-alone probes. However, they also have an RF output for connection to spectrum analysers and/or EMC analysers.

Type Passive Active
Model RF100 CTK015
 Field E H E H

 Good for general purpose use. Use in conjunction with spectrum analyser to locate sources

 High sensitivity and flat response. Can pin point individual tracks and components and trace low level 'leaks'


  • Near field probes are an essential part of the EMC test engineer's toolkit. Near field probes are only sensitive to sources at close proximity. They are immunity to general background and other far field radiation
  • They help to identify sources and in particular can identify potential radiation frequencies. Knowing which frequencies to look for can be a great help when measuring emission levels on an OATS.
  • Near field probes do not provide any indication of compliance. They do not take into account the key contributor to radiated emissions, that is the effectiveness of the radiating antenna.
  • The active probes have a very small effective tip which makes it possible to locate sources even in 'busy' electronic assemblies.
  • When used as 'sniffer probes' they can help locate any leakage from screened  boxes or enclosures, and to indentify any cable that is acting as a radiating antenna.

RF100 Near Field Probe SetRF100 Near Field Probe Set
Passive near field probe set.
Active near field probesActive near field probes
Active probes are ideal for source location and for the detection of low level emissions. The CTK kits include cables, connectors, manuals and carry case.