A test system that will provide facilities to test for both RF radiated emissions and RF radiated immunity.

The unique CLIENTS system (Combined Laplace Immunity & EmissioNs Test System) offers all the facilities of an EMC test laboratory in a benchtop or floor standing package. Compact and easy to use with a powerful Windows-compatible software package which automates much of the testing. Suitable for products up to 60cm cube (19" rack x 13U high). These systems offer many benefits:



CLIENTS provides the following products:

Test cells (LaplaCell)      Test cells (LaplaCell)
      Compact emissions and immunity test cells for EMC compliance testing.
3GHz EMC emissions Analyser      3GHz EMC emissions Analyser
      High performance, PC controlled, 3GHz EMC analyser with powerful Windows software application.
RF Synthesiser      RF Synthesiser
      The RF Synthesiser is the key component of an RF immunity test system.
LETIS      LETIS (optional for this kit)
      LETIS (Laplace EMC Test Integration System) provides an automated power amplifier selection facility for radiated immunity testing.
RF Power Amplifiers      RF Power Amplifiers
      A range of power amplifiers specifically designed for RF Immunity testing according to EMC standards. These cover both conducted, 100KHz to 250MHz,  and radiated tests, 30MHz to 6GHz.
LISN & Voltage Probes      LISN & Voltage Probes (optional for this kit)
      These ancillaries enable compliant conducted emission tests. A wide range of LISNs plus voltage probe are available.

Associated Downloads

RF Immunity testing - Outline of the RF immunity test system
RF3000 software - PC software for radiated RF immunity testing