AC1000A Clean Power Source

AC1000A  Clean Power Source


The AC1000 achieves its unique price/performance ratio by actively adjusting the incoming mains waveform to produce a clean output. Other suppliers use convertor techniques to completely recreate the output from scratch. Our solution delivers an output which achieves the required THD with the minimum of hardware and expense. It includes the ability to switch the correction in or out so that the original waveform can be observed and measured if required. Overload and thermal protection systems are built-in and produce an audible warning if activated.

Key Points

AC1000A Clean Power Source is an optional extra for the following products:

AC2000A Harmonics & Flicker Analyser

Associated Downloads

Data Sheet - AC1000 Clean Power Source


50Hz waveform before AC1000A correction

50Hz waveform before AC1000A correction