Product software

Emissions Software

The EMCEngineer software supplied with the Laplace EMC analysers provides the optimum tool for all EMC emissions compliance measurements and investigative tasks.

Key Attributes….


  • very quick and easy to use.markertabular
  • all results plotted against the relevant limit lines, enabling immediate pass-fail assessments.
  • Hardware settings such as RBW, dwell time, detector characteristics, frequency step… all set by default.
  • 9KHz – 30MHz span for conducted measurements.
  • 30MHz – 1GHz (or 3GHz) for radiated measurements.
  • Peak detector for fast initial scans.
  • Quasi-peak and Average detectors with simultaneous operation
  • Instant zoom to anywhere in the spectrum
  • Up to 20 selectable ‘marked’ frequencies for near real-time
  • userantenna-entrymeasurement of all three detectors.
  • Automatic correction for input device calibration and antenna factors.file-limits-55013
  • Unique facility for automatic test site calibration and correction of results by using ERS (Emissions Reference Source).
  • Single frequency mode for continuous monitoring of one feature in the spectrum.
  • Cancellation of background noise.
  • All setups can be stored for future use.
  • Entry of 3rd party antenna factor data and other input devices.
  • Pre-installed limits.
  • Entry of bespoke limit data.
  • All results can be stored such they can be recalled later and overlaid with other results.
  • Output to hard copy and .csv format for Excel.
  • Automatic detection and operation of pre-selectors.

Unique features:

        • Test site correction.
          room1It is well known that test sites contribute the dominant source of error for radiated emissions measurements. These errors are due to reflections from surrounding hardware, lack of ground plane and lack of height scanning. Such errors amount to over 15dB on typical ‘informal’ sites. Laplace has developed a technique which measures these errors, and applies corrections to the measured signal such that the errors are substantially reduced. This technique involves the use of an ERS (reference source) and the EMCEngineer software. This software includes a menu item that prompts the user through the site calibration process, checks the integrity of the results then will apply the appropriate corrections to the EUT measurements. See…(test site correction paper)
        • Ambient noise reduction.
          A key problem with any noise reduction technique is that ambient RF fluctuates Transmittersignificantly. The software is able to measure ambient RF in such a way that short term variations are stabilised and an accurate measurement of EUT emissions can be achieved. This technique has been proved to work even when the EUT emission level is significantly below the noise level. See…. (ambient noise paper)

    The software is supplied as a self installing  .msi file.  It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS from XP onwards, including Win10.

    PC requirements:
    The software will run on any Windows PC fitted with one or more USB ports.


Immunity Software

Software supplied with RF synthesises for complete control and user interface for RF immunity testing. Specifically created to be fully compliant with the requirements of IEC61000-4-3 and IEC61000-4-6.

provides for complete control of the test parameters including…

  • frequency start to end
  • Frequency step
  • Modulation (pulsed and 1KHz AM)
  • Mode: closed loop, Pre-scan, Single frequency, Custom
  • Selection of control feedback
  • EUT monitoring and display

Displays target stress level, actual stress level, RF power output and EUT response in real time as the test progresses.
This self installing software is compatible with all current versions of windows including Win10.