Technical Papers

download image Automatic site calibration - Use of an ERS calibrate test site
download image The use of an ERS - What the ERS brings to radiated emission measurements
download image Detectors - The Why, What and How of EMC detectors
download image Why are my detectors slow - An outline of the operation of detectors
download image Ambient cancellation - Explanation and testing of ambient cancellation techniques
download image Test_site_recommendations - Analysis of the uncertainty factors in typical OATS sites
download image RF field simulator - a comprehensive set of Excel files with explanatory notes that allow you to simulate RF field in EMC test site situations, including OATS and chambers
download image Why_not_use_Near_field_probe - NFPs can detect emissions, so why not use them instead?
download image Pre-selectors - the Why, What and How of Pre-selectors
download image Large loop antenna- amendments to standard - Changes to CISPR15 and CISPR16 update the LLA definition
download image Enhanced CDN - Papers presented at the York EMC Symposium 1999
download image ESD_standard_changes - Description of changes in the new 2009 standard
download image The case for mains filters - The Cause and Cure for unreliable electronic equipment
download image SolderingEOS - Modern micro-circuitry is becoming more susceptible to electrical noise and potential damage from even the best soldering equipment. This paper discusses the causes and cures for this situation.