RF Meters and Sensors

Three types of RF Sensors and Probes:

RF sensors:

A range of miniature isotropic sensors connected via fibre optic cable to avoid any interaction with the RF field. This ensures that measurements are of the highest integrity, unaffected by any conductive cables or associated meter body. These Sensors are available for the use with sythesisers as part of an immunity test system in an EMC test chamber.

  • Ideal for use in EMC immunity test chambers
  • Provides real time feedback for stress level control
  • Includes fibre optic interface with RS232 and USB outputs
  • Total and individual axis outputs (Vector sumation or X, Y, Z)
  • Miniature size
  • 2 versions: battery powered and laser powered.
  • Battery powered version includes battery charging station. 12 hour operating time before recharging necessary.
  • Laser powered version for continuous operation. Battery charging not required. Laser is included with the fibreoptic interface.
  • Standard fibre optic cable length is 10m. Longer cables available to order.




Frequency (Lo)


Frequency (Hi)


Measurement range

EP600 Battery 100KHz 9 GHz 0.14 - 140 V/m
EP601 Battery 10 KHz 9 GHz 0.5 - 500 V/m
RAD004 Laser 9 KHz 4 GHz 1 - 4000 V/m
RAD010 Laser 9 KHz 12 GHz 1 - 750 V/m

EMC - RF current sensors:

RF9123     Clamp-on current probe (measuring)
Frequency range:
10KHz – 500MHz
Max current:

DC – 60Hz

@400Hz 200A
@ RF 40A
Pulsed 60A
Nom. Zt (ohms):
1 – 5

RF Current clamp probe

Environmental survey probes/meters:

RF Probes

These are the RFP range and the NHT range. Each meter comprises a handheld meter and a sensor probe. In each case,a wide range of sensor probes are available to suit the type of measurement required. For environmental surveys the MicroRad range provides all you need for workplace CEMFAW (2016) Health & Safety assessments and all environmental radiation measurements in accordance with ICNIRP limits.

RFP Smartmeter

a precision RF meter capable of highly accurate RF measurements over a wide range of field strength and frequency. This meter is ideal for accurate field surveys. This features an isotropic probe and a full calibration with certification.

NHT Microrad RF survey meter

a meter specifically designed for CEMFAW(2016) requirements. This hand held meter covers Electric, Magnetic and RF fields and will display levels vs standard limits.  Includes data logging and GPS feature with automatic plotting to maps for area surveys.



Frequency range





RFP -04  10KHz - 40GHz RF/Voltage V/m Basic meter, low cost solution.  Full details of the RFP meters
500KHz - 50MHz Current density A/m
RFP -05 10KHz - 40GHz RF/Voltage V/m Advanced, lightweight meter with data recording and download to PC
500KHz - 50MHz Current density A/m
NHT 310 5Hz - 40GHz RF/Voltage V/m  Advanced multi-field meter with GPS location and exceptional range of probes. Ideal for CEMFAW(2016) surveys and investigations  Full details of the NHT meters
 DC - 20MHz Current density A/m
DC - 200KHz Magnetic T
NHT 3D  5Hz - 40GHz RF/Voltage V/m As model 310 plus signal analysis features.
 DC - 20MHz Current Density A/m
DC - 200KHz Magnetic T