ONYX16/30 ESD test simulator


The ONYX is a state of the art electrostatic discharge simulator available in 16kV or 30kV versions. It is the most ergonomic 30kV ESD gun without an additional base control unit that can be battery or mains

operated. The easy to use touch screen, ergonomic design, modular RC units, multilingual interface, remote control software, built-in LED light and temperature & humidity display allows for trouble-free use of the ONYX in all types of test sites.

The smart key button, integrated into the trigger button has various functions that can be defined by the user including polarity switching, LED light, counter reset, voltage stepping up/down and others.
The ONYX also features a unique self test which verifies all of the main components of the unit are working correctly. This ensures that accurate and reliable tests are performed every time the gun is used.

Key Points

  • 16kV and 30kV versions
  • All in one design (no base unit)
  • Battery operation, long battery life
  • Ergonomic designTouch screen interface
  • Smart key operation
  • Modular (R/C modules for ISO, MIL etc.)
  • Automatic polarity switching
  • Remote control & automated report generation
  • Multilingual menus
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring



  • User defined 'smart key' function
  • Touch screen interface
  • Ergonomic design
  • All-in-one design (no base unit)
  • Predefined tests according to Standards
  • Define, store and load tests
  • User changeable RC networks
  • Automatic polarity switching
  • Remote control
  • Battery or mains operation, long battery life
  • Multilingual

Product Specification


Air Discharge Voltage:  16kV or 30kV
Voltage Resolution:  100V steps
Cont. Discharge Voltage:  16kV or 30kV
Discharge Polarity: Positive & Negative
Discharge Repetition: Single/0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10/20Hz
Operating Modes: Single & Continuous
Discharge Counter:     9999
Battery Life:  >16hrs
Default R/C – Network: 150pF / 330
Power Consumption:  17VA
Dimensions (W x H x D): 290 x 270 x 110mm
Weight: 1.7kg


Associated Downloads

Changes to ESD standard - Description of the changes in the new 2009 standard
Data sheet - ONYX16