Laplace offers 2 EMC analysers:

  • SA1002     150KHz to 1GHz
  • SA3000     150KHz to 3GHz

Apart from the maximum frequency, these analysers are identical. Both analysers are available with a band A option to cover the range 9KHz-150KHz.
They offer the ability to perform pre-compliance testing and compliance measurements. If measuring conducted emissions, use of a pre-selector is recommended owing to the impulsive nature of conducted signals.These analysers are supplied complete with PC software, fully compatible with Windows versions from XP to Win10.

  • SA3000-1

Key Points:

  • 150KHz - 1GHz/3GHz as standard.
  • 9KHz (band A) option available. includes 200Hz RBW
  • meets all EMC standards for measurements.
  • Powerful and intuitive Windows software included.
  • Fitted with CISPR16 detectors and automatic RBW settings
  • Simultaneous measurement system of all three dectectors
  • Limit lines shown on results plots for simple compliance assessment
  • up to 20 marked points with bar graph and tabular presentaion
  • Instant zoom to anywhere in the spectrum.
  • High speed USB interface to your pc
  • Operates with a range of antennas and ancillaries.
  • Optional tracking generator can be fitted

These analysers provides a high performance capability to measure the EMC compliance of your products. They cover the conducted emission and radiated emission bands to 1GHz or 3GHz, as required by most EMC standards. The included software is Windows compatible and simple to use. This powerful system automatically sets the analyser parameters to suit the test to be performed. Standard limits are available from simple pull-down menu. Results can be directly compared against these limits for easy checks on compliance status.

Software Details

The software included with the SA1002/SA3000 provides all the control and display features that you need. These include:

  • Full control of the frequency band to be scanned.
  • Control of the detector, RBW, scan rate, scan mode.
  • Linear or log scaling of the frequency axis
  • Instant zoom to any point in the spectrum, at full resolution.
  • Single frequency mode for monitoring any specific problem emission.
  • Selection of input device, including automatic AF or insertion loss correction.
  • Up to 20 markers, with QP and Ave display of results in near real time.
  • Selection of standard to be applied, with EU, FCC and As/Nz standards pre-loaded.
  • Facility to input your own limits and/or input device calibration.
  • Plotting of results to any Windows printer.
  • Saving of results to disk, and recall at later date.
Associated Downloads
Data Sheet – SA1002 EMC ANALYSER
Data Sheet – SA3000 EMC ANALYSER