Laplace supplies a range of RF field measurement tools….

  • RF sensors for EMC applications
  • RF current clamps for EMC applications

RF sensors

A range of miniature isotropic sensors connected via fibre optic cable to avoid any interaction with the RF field. This ensures that measurements are of the highest integrity, unaffected by any conductive cables or associated meter body. These Sensors are available for the use with sythesisers as part of an immunity test system in an EMC test chamber.

  • Ideal for use in EMC immunity test chambers
  • Provides real time feedback for stress level control
  • Includes fibre optic interface with RS232 and USB outputs
  • Total and individual axis outputs (Vector sumation or X, Y, Z)
  • Miniature size
  • 2 versions: battery powered and laser powered.
  • Battery powered version includes battery charging station. 12 hour operating time before recharging necessary.
  • Laser powered version for continuous operation. Battery charging not required. Laser is included with the fibreoptic interface.
  • Standard fibre optic cable length is 10m. Longer cables available to order.




Frequency (Lo)


Frequency (Hi)


Measurement range

EP600 Battery 100KHz 9 GHz 0.14 - 140 V/m
EP601 Battery 10 KHz 9 GHz 0.5 - 500 V/m
RAD004 Laser 9 KHz 4 GHz 1 - 4000 V/m
RAD010 Laser 9 KHz 12 GHz 1 - 750 V/m

Bulk Current Injection clamp (BCI)

Used with BCI and/or EMClamp injection methods for monitoring the injected RF current. IEC61000-4-6 requires that the injected current should not exceed that which would be injected into a 150 ohm impedance. The measuring clamp enables this measurement. Note that eh RFIC-4-6 synthesiser features the monitoring and the associated control function.

RF9123:     Clamp-on current probe (measuring)

Frequency range:
10KHz – 500MHz
Max current:

DC – 60Hz

@400Hz 200A
@ RF 40A
Pulsed 60A
Nom. Zt (ohms):
1 – 5

RF Current clamp probe

Bulk Current Injection clamp (BCI)

these are for injection of RF stress in accordance with IEC61000-4-6.

RF9217:     Clamp-on current probe (injection)

Frequency range:
10KHz – 100MHz
Max power:
Winding current:
Insertion loss:

200KHz – 5MHz



120KHz – 70MHz <15dB
50KHz – 100MHz <20dB

RF Current clamp probe

RF9125:     Calibration fixture

For clamp on current probes:
N type

current clamp calibration fixture