1GHz EMC emissions Analyser

1GHz EMC emissions Analyser


The SA1002 provides a high performance capability to measure the EMC compliance of your products. It covers the conducted emission and radiated emission bands to 1GHz, as required by most EMC standards. The included software is Windows compatible and simple to use. This powerful system automatically sets the analyser parameters to suit the test to be performed. Standard limits are available from simple pull-down menu. Results can be directly compared against these limits for easy checks on compliance status.

Key Points

Software Details

The software included with the SA1002 provides all the control and display features that you need. These include:

1GHz EMC emissions Analyser is an optional extra for the following products:

Pre-Selectors for EMC test
Antennas for EMC testing
RF300 Large Loop Antenna
LISN & Voltage Probes
Test cells (LaplaCell)

1GHz EMC emissions Analyser appears in the following kits:

RFG kit RFC- conducted emissions kit RFL kit ALECS Filter Design System

Associated Downloads

EMCEngineer software - v4.10 software for SA1002 and SA3000 analysers
1GHz analyser - Data Sheet
Why are my scans so slow? - Detectors and scan speed considerations
USB drivers (32 & 64 bit) - USB drivers for Win7 and later systems